"Where is everyone?”

Well I just came back from your moms place. I don’t really care where everyone else is if I’m honest.


I forget Chris Brown is still relevant…— Ah, mind shimmying to the left a little? You’re blocking the water fountain.

I don’t think that’ll be changing anytime soon, it’s been like what? Five years since he hit a woman. And he’s still here.

Uh sure, I came to get ice anyway.

Nice face by the way. Are you new here?


"You know that nickname worked a lot better when I was little, babe but I won’t be getting ahead of myself.  You do seem to be rather chipper today though, Jamesy.  Nice is good.  Oh would you have?  And what if I want you to?  Would you? Disney 5.0.  I like it; thank you for being flexible there Flynn.  Oh hey, keeping true to your namesake.  That works well for me because I wouldn’t have looked good blonde.  Mmm alright then.”  She smiled, not stepping back as he neared.  ”You’re probably an expert on body language.”  Bella watched him kiss the back of her hand with a smirk, eyebrows quirking upwards.  ”I’m sure that conversation will go over really well,” Arabella giggled, stepping closer to Jamie in response.  ”You tell me."  She tilted her head to the side, letting his warm hand brush along her skin.  "I’m sure we share a lot more than the same view.  We always had a lot in common.”

"Well, it still fits in my vocabulary, so I’d take it as a compliment if I were you, considering I still actually remember it. I wouldn’t blame you if you did. Yeah, I took an extra pill of chirpy today, just for you, so your welcome. Nice just isn’t as fun as mean for me. Yes. Of course I would. I am a people pleaser. And by people I mean myself obviously. Oh don’t thank me; it’s more of my benefit really. Rapunzel isn’t too hot in my eyes. She’s more of twelve year old cute. I don’t know I can see you as a blonde. There was that one time you got blonde high lights or something. You looked pretty hot to me. ” Jamie smirked a bit. “And I predict, that you’d win that bet.” He chuckled some, as he smoothly placed his arm around her small waist. “It will go fabulously, as you admitted yourself, I am quite the charmer.” He pulled her in quickly against his body, looking down as he towered over her. Inches away from her face, he slipped his large hand across her cheek, softly locking his fingers through her soft wavy hair; tilting his head a bit to the side giving him a chance to lay kisses onto her neck. “What. You wanna test that out too?" Jamie smirked against her skin, closing his eyes, his kisses started turning into love bites. "I bet you, that’d actually be worth testing out. ” Jamie slowly moved his head away from her neck; opening his eyes he looked into hers while moving a piece of her hair behind her ear. “My way of course." he said giving her a half assed smile.


Ahem….don’t mind me, just getting ice.


You look borderline epileptic. Stop that.

Excuse. Don’t be jealous of my boogie.

And You Took My Chips Why?


It’s fine, I’m perfectly capable of buying myself chips she nods as she grabs her bag and folds her arms

I’m Evangeline but I’d prefer if you called me Evangeline. 

Alright if you’re sure, then whatever. he shrugs

it’s nice to meet you Evangelafinba…? Yeah, I’m good. I’ll just call you Rapunzel. So have you gone here long? Or am I just slow, ‘cause I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in the year books.

And You Took My Chips Why?



She rolls her eyes I’ll just buy some more. Who are you?

Casually checks her out  No, no. I ate your chips I might as well buy a new bag for you. 

I don’t want to be too rude. You can call me, Ditto. But if you’d prefer you could use my surname, Jamie. Who are you?

Mami you remind me of something. But I don’t know what it is. ‘Cause you remind me of something girl, you gotta show me.


And You Took My Chips Why?


Seeing as they’re mine I should be asking you that


Well, they’re in my hand now.. so I have control over who I give them to right? So, do you want some?


And here I think you would be all over proving it to me.  I just might, Jamie.  Or maybe not.  I don’t think I’d make a very good Rapunzel though, babe.  I’m not particularly blonde.  Plus her powers would probably be a bit more on the hero side, you know?  Set the mood then Jamie.  I’m waiting.  I’m all here for letting you take your time but don’t let it get in the way of our hot date tonight.  I’ll be sure to let both sets of parents know they’ve raised a charmer.  Mmm, the black mini skirt?  I’ll have to dig it up but I think I can do so.  Cocky, babe.  Really cocky.  Perfect though.  I’m glad there’s no doubt on either party.  I’d have to say semi matured.  But that’s only because little prepubescent Jamie wouldn’t dare talk to me.  Plus you’re a bit more… filled out as well.


"Of course you’d think that, but don’t get ahead of yourself now, Belly. It was only a mere recommendation. I’m in a good mood, Bell. Don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m being nice. So I’m really leaving it up to you. Otherwise I would’ve proved it a long time ago. You can be anyone you want babe. This is a crossover thing, Disney 5.0. I like brunettes better anyway. I will gladly. Don’t sweat it, it wont take that long.” He said taking a large step toward her.”It’s all about body language.” Jamie took his hand, and slowly reached for hers. Picking it up to his chin, and laying a sweet peck on her dainty hand. His green eyes looking into her ocean blue, a small smirk formed on his lips.”And I’ll make sure to thank yours for reproducing.” He grinned at his totally smooth remark.”I am I lying?” he asked raising his brows. “So that’s what you’re into huh? Glad we have the same prospective then." Jamie stated as he moved a piece of her hair laying on her collarbone behind her neck.